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Monday, January 21, 2013

Should I Involve the Principal in My School Fundraiser?

OMG!  YES!!!

Involve the principal in your school fundraiser whenever possible.  If you can host a concise fundraiser where there is 'buy in' from the principal, faculty and teachers, you can raise enough funds in one fundraiser to not have to fundraise the rest of the year.  

Getting the Principal on board means that you can more easily earn the allegiance of the administration and teachers too!  Go do it, you can thank me later!

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Mark Martin said...

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Additionally, general economic hardships can cause school fundraisers to earn less, as volunteer time is spread thin with more families requiring dual incomes. A survey done by national fundraising association in 2007 determined that on average the most labor intensive school wide fundraisers, in terms of the number of volunteers needed is school carnivals, with an average of 59 volunteers needed. Other labor intensive fundraisers included: auctions, "thons" such as walk-a-thons, breakfasts or dinners and raffles. By contrast the least labor intensive fundraisers for schools included: product fundraisers, direct donations, restaurant nights and student portraits. Another survey from the same source showed 71% of parents are "concerned and overwhelmed" with having to do more fundraisers.