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Monday, December 10, 2012

Support Your Child's Teacher!

Support Your Elementary School Teachers
Support Your Elementary School Teacher!
Before holiday break, do something nice for your children's teacher!

I know it seems like it would be fun to play with kids all day and have summers off. Yep!  And this thinking is perhaps why teachers need your encouragement.

In school, the relationship between the teacher and your child is paramount.  Just remember though, it's the relationship between you and the teacher that creates a team!

If you're talking with your child's teacher and supporting them, they will be encouraged to do more and perform at a higher level!  There's this thing in schools called personal development.  Basically, the concept that teachers will take it upon themselves to learn more and perfect their craft.  Without the support and encouragement from parents, really, is there a need to be better?  I would argue that the kids don't know what they are missing by having disengaged teachers.

Give your child's teacher some encouragement before the semester wraps up and send them on their holiday breaks with the incentives to come back in Spring fired up and ready to engage with the most important people in your world, your kids!

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