Elementary School Carnival Ideas

Friday, December 21, 2012

Involve Teachers in your School Fundraising!

If you're hosting a school-wide fundraiser, you probably realize that teachers can be for you or against you.  Take for instance a school where the teachers don't want any interruption in their day.  They will purposely not mention your fundraiser, all but insuring that it doesn't retain excitement over the 10 or so days you run the fundraiser.

On the other hand, consider what happens when the teachers retain the initial excitement of the fundraiser from kick-off to order turn-in.  What a difference!  

Instead of kids forgetting about the fundraiser, kids can go home and encourage parents to participate!  This is HUGE!

Why in the world would a teacher want to support a school fundraiser?  Because if the school reaches their fundraising goal, they can sit back and enjoy uninterrupted classroom time for the rest of the year!

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