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Friday, November 2, 2012

School Fundraiser Deliveries!

Many of you will be getting fundraising deliveries from my company and others.  You'll be distributing large numbers of items and it may just seem a bit overwhelming.  At least thinking about it ahead of time can be.

So, here's the thing.  There's no sense worrying about something unless you have a way to improve it.  Start by confirming the details of the delivery with your fundraising representative.  They should be able to outline how and when things will happen and give you a plan for how to handle the day.

Stop for a moment and consider that a fundraiser is meant to have a big impact for a short period of time.  This means putting all your efforts into the two-week fundraising campaign and following it up with one killer delivery.  Having lots of sellers and items to distribute is a good thing.  After all, the more items you have at one delivery, the less you'll need to fundraise later in the year!

Be prepared.  Don't stress out but rather just know you're prepared.  Deliveries by Believe are very easy to distribute and I'm imaging that to be the case with other fundraising companies.  If you've had a discussion with your rep and followed through on that, you'll be set!

Just relax and you'll get through it just fine.  Remember, hosting a great fundraiser is THE way to FUNDRAISING LESS!

Ok, until next time!


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