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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser - Librarians, Schools benefit from Book Sales...

Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser
Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser

Hey, does your school host Scholastic book fairs?  I bet so. It would appear most schools are dialed into the Scholastic book fair.  My kids school recently hosted one. Overall I enjoyed it. We found a number of things we were interested in, and it was well-organized.

Funny story though.

We rode bikes to school and got caught in a serious rainstorm.  Essentially we were at the book fair for over an hour waiting for the rain to slow down. 

I spent a lot of money by being there so long!

Schools sometimes consider these fundraisers as they provide money back to the host. As far as profits I've heard that 20% goes back to the group.

Hey, speaking of that... The next time someone tells you that the Believe fundraisers only give 40% or 50% back should give more, just remind them that many fundraisers run at 10-20% back to the group!

What do you think of Scholastic book fairs? 

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