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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Report School Fundraiser Complaints, Fundraising Problems, Rants & Feedback!!! POST HERE!

I have probably the only daily blog about school fundraising.  Most of the time it's proactive and positive as I provide information on making fundraising better, including furthering the goal of fundraising LESS but MORE EFFECTIVELY!

Every year, folks look for a place to vent about their school fundraiser, fundraising events, the boy scout fundraisers, girl scout cookie fundraisers, scholastic and a wide variety of sports teams and groups that use countless different fundraisers to make ends meet.

That doesn't mean it's all good fundraising done well!

So, if folks want to vent, here's the place!

Please leave a school fundraising complaint, leave a fundraising rant or just provide feedback for any company, service or fundraising event in the comments below!  

It can be about any company, event or service!

This isn't about any offering I have or any personal judgement, just school fundraising complaints in general - GO!

Believe it or not, fundraising complaints do get noticed.  Not only could you change my opinion or learn something new, but you could change the entire industry with just one post!

(Acceptable areas of feedback, rants, problems and complaints should involve school fundraisers, events and charitable fundraising by non-profit schools and sports groups associated with those schools.  This is not a place to complain about giving to churches or the red cross or anything like that.  Ok, carry on.)

Please leave a comment below!

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