Elementary School Carnival Ideas

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creative fundraising promotions...

There are some pretty creative ideas out there! 

Believe Kids, for example, is hosting a contest for any fundraising partner throughout the country. The dealio is showing what a school did to get 'zany' for their fundraiser!  

So, when you're hosting a fundraiser and the principal is kissing a pig if you hit your goal, make sure to properly capture the moment!

1) Get high-resolution photos
2) Record a video

These two things will help you in a number of ways the next time. 

First off, you can reminisce on last years awesome promotions.  Secondly, you can show parents and students the fun they had during a previous contest.  It's priceless.

Without that visual proof, you have a harder time telling the story about how fun last year's fundraiser was.  It's better just to show it!

Ok, until next time!

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