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Friday, August 3, 2012

Teaching Generosity - How to Instill Generosity in Children

This time of year, here at Believe Kids, we're in the fall fundraising season.  That means we experience the good and bad, the ups and downs of school fundraising first-hand.

We see a lot of generous giving but we also see opportunities to teach positive lessons to our children wasted.  We know fundraising is not everyone's favorite thing but by not participating in a school fundraiser, a child can tell what is important to you and it's not their school.

It's astonishing the lengths parents and the community will go to support schools, groups and educational programs that are truly threatened.  We see amazing tales of generosity and yet, teaching generosity seems to have taken a back seat in many households. 

We know that children emulate and learn from parent behavior.  The generous acts of a parent will be noticed by children.  They may or may not emulate this behavior in the end, but I believe they are better people when they see a parents generosity.

Go ahead, support generosity and lead by example.  If you are a school in need, let your community know and give them a chance to show you what generosity looks like.

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