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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Consolidation of the School Fundraising Business...

Let's talk the business side of school fundraising for a moment.

School Fundraising is changing.  The industry is being consolidated.  What this means is that there are no longer thousands of thriving fundraising companies.  The business has effectively shrunk to just a few key players - all of which are dealing with a new reality.

More groups fundraising more often.

This is causing participation in fundraising to fall.  In some cases, groups are finding it difficult to determine which fundraisers raise $1,000 vs. those that raise $10,000

In the confusion, some schools are contributing to the problem by adding other fundraisers to make up for losses on earlier ones. 

I believe it's the responsibility of fundraising companies to help groups navigate their fundraising strategy and create a plan.  Groups should be fundraising LESS but MORE EFFECTIVELY.

Letting a group know how much they should realistically make should help.  Groups fundraising without a reachable goal, are not succeeding. 

My hope is that fundraising companies will step up to provide better products and services and truly help the schools by letting them in on what to expect. 

Help Schools Succeed!!!

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