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Monday, July 2, 2012

Catalogs full of stuff that people don't really want or need.

Have you heard that one?

It's the argument against product fundraising catalogs. I see it mostly on blogs in the late Fall when fundraising season is well underway and parents show some frustration with fundraising.

Mostly, it means that people don't need to purchase things.  I've done some thinking about this one and I'm calling B.S. - in the nicest way possible of course.

Today, most of the things we purchase are not true necessities.  If pure need were the standard by which we determined what we bought, there would be no restaurants, no bookstores, no glitter and rhinestone shirts and no sugary deserts.

I'm reminded of the early west, picturing a single pot on a stove, a few potatoes in a basket and nothing more.  One set of Sunday clothes folded neatly. A single chair on the porch.  Today, things are just different.  We have many outfits and more pots than we could ever use.  In fact, we don't need nice cars, cell phones or jewelry but that's just taking things too far :)

So, while it's true we don't need fundraising items, we don't really need most of the things we have.

Funds from fundraisers provide things kids really need so you can feel good about helping a kid inside the classroom!

Support school fundraisers!

Ok, until next time!


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