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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

School Fundraising - Summary of it's function & importance.

School Fundraising

School Fundraising has the ability to enhance a school by way of community cooperation, coupled with student and faculty help.

There are many ways a school can fundraise; and it takes the support of the students and staff to make it possible. School Fundraising enhances the school in a plethora of different ways; such as providing extras such as field trips and classroom supplies.  More recently, keeping art classes within the school system, avoiding staff layoffs, and getting new technology into the classroom have been a common reason for raising funds.

Because of the lack of funds that schools routinely receive, the school has to pave its way for advancement through fundraising. School Fundraising allows a school to enhance their campus with technological advances by way of new computers with software for better learning. Nicer desks, tables and chairs to give the opportunity for students to learn in a clean and unobstructed environment, along with more funding for staff members to make the school a safe and enjoyable place for students to attend. There are more and more things not covered by general budgets being completely or partially funded by school fundraisers.

School Fundraising is very important for setting a precedent for the community to participate in the process of helping out the school in their neighborhood to become better and more apt at helping to teach the future of tomorrow.

Students who involve themselves in fundraising have shown to exhibit a high confidence level and great pride for what they deem valuable; their learning institution. School Fundraising carries such a high importance, that it has become the tool of choice for schools to get the funding they so much deserve.

School Fundraising raises the status quo of a neighborhood by making the school that much more relevant and helps the well-being of the students that live in the neighborhood. Exhibit good will in your community by supporting school fundraising or even becoming involved yourself. It can be difficult at times to raise money, but it is important to help support the school in your community.

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