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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can a spring carnival be damaging to your school?

Spring carnival volunteer
Quote from an email I was forwarded proving spring carnivals can be hard to organize.

This is an interesting one isn't it!  Basically, some drama surrounding a school fundraiser and a threat thrown in just to top it off.

So, when I hear that there's no risk in an event fundraiser, I know it's not true.  Here is the risk of an event being cancelled due to lack of volunteers.  But moreover, the people seeing this message now know that the event has very little support.  Further extrapolation tells you the event is not very important to the majority of the parents at the school.

So, I know it's complicated thinking in terms of the ramifications of hosting difficult fundraisers, but here is an example of a fundraisers that is damaging to this particular school.  Hey, things will certainly go on and summer will be here and it'll be forgotten but there's something there.

Something that proves to parents that they are part of the majority (proof that not helping is perfectly ok) vs. the minority (these one or two must be over-achievers).

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