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Thursday, April 5, 2012

School Principal Pleads Guilty to Stealing from Kids - VIDEO

I can't stand this sort of thing! 

Parent groups, schools and school districts should spend the extra time it takes to safeguard school funds before trouble happens (and it will very likely happen!).

I completely understand how schools are focused on education and are really not about the money.  The thing is, sometimes, we have to work extra hard in areas we don't enjoy to ensure that we create systems that work.

Spending time to create a system of fiscal checks and balances is critical.  Stopping theft in it's tracks is the goal and it should be attainable.  The fact it, theft is a crime of opportunity.  Without opportunity, most folks will take the high road, but when that opportunity exists, crime happens.

Ok, until next time!


P.S. we don't want to spend all our time raising money for schools and groups only to have the money stolen.  Elementary school fundraising is about getting profits to where they are needed most, into the hands of children and for the teachers.

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