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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Parent, Community Groups Pressed to Fill K-12 Budget Gaps

I want you to look at this article.  I tweeted about it when it first came out, now I just want to delve into just one point, oh wait, two.

Parent, Community Groups Pressed to Fill K-12 Budget Gaps

As a quick aside, I haven't seen many good posts about fundraising and school budgets lately, so I commend Nora Flemming for her efforts on this fundraising article.

First off, I would like to point out that despite school budget cuts, lack of proper funding inside the classroom, program cutbacks and teacher layoffs, schools do not have a cohesive fundraising plan.

All indications, from where I sit (daily communication with administrators and parent groups) is that very few schools or districts are looking critically at their fundraising efforts either as combined or individual efforts. 

Secondly, inequity in fundraising is not necessarily a function of income levels.  I think what would be discovered with more research is that people make the difference.  In my experience, a motivated school or group (one with a purpose and direction) can outperform a scattered, unsupported school regardless of economic conditions.

Hey, so I dropped a few crazy topics there.  In the end, I believe that schools and districts will be looking at overall fundraising tactics, reporting and tracking and taking results and predictions much more seriously in the upcoming years.  I also think this fundraising plan will have to include strategic choices (more effective fundraising, less often) and work together to promote very effective school fundraising campaigns.

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