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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Should schools accept early sign-on bonuses for school fundraisers?

This time a year, a lot of fundraising representatives start calling on schools.  School fundraising companies will bring their newest offers.  Are the offers any good?  How will you decide if you should take one?  Which one will you take?

Let's just cover the facts... In Fall, there is no incentive for schools to give extra product, prizes or incentives.  Groups that register late, will not be getting more.  This is because fundraising companies are running fundraisers, not selling them.  So, the fact is, earlier is better.

So, should you get suckered and mesmerized by the offers?  The answer is absolutely not!  As a parent group member, your goal is to systematically determine what's best for your group - Not what is the flashiest. There are flashy offers out there without the substance behind the scenes.  In this way, an offer should just be icing on the cake, not the cake itself. 

As you consider the various fundraisers and offers available to you, are you prepared to take into consideration some of the following differences between fundraisers?

• Profit Margins
• Included Participation Programs
• Incentives for Teachers / Principals
• Included Prize Programs
• Product Differentiation / Diversity
• Product Prices
• Product Quality
• Overall Value to Customer
• Marketing Package Included
• Online Features
• Sales Averages Per Student
• Dollar Averages Per Sale

• Order Processing
• Volunteers Needed
• Delivery Specifics
• Report Generation
• Customer Service
• Delivery Efficiencies

Really, who's got the overall package capable of delivering the profits you need without letting you or your customers (neighbors, friends' parents, community members) down?

All I can leave you with today is that an early sign-on-bonus, although it may seem outrageous or awesome, is only great in combination with other greatness.

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