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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

School Fundraising Advice & Inspiration - 3 PTA Fundraising Essentials

You're PTA is planning a fundraiser.  Here's a quick 1,2,3 of what to consider BEFORE you make your final school fundraising decision.

1) What are your volunteer capabilities?  Fewer volunteers means product fundraising may be a better bet than events.  Product fundraisers do not need volunteers in the same way events do.  In fact, a core group promoting a product fundraiser is really all you need.

2) What fundraising product will you sell?  A Fall gift & wrap catalog is your best bet for high-dollar results.  Here is an example of a fall gift & wrap fundraising catalog (this is my company but please feel free to use any competitive alternative).  Frozen foods are a close second in terms of profitability for elementary school fundraisers.  Magazines are still a good option, particularly with middle schools.

3) Do you dare get multiple fundraising offers in writing?  There's not much by way of assurance that you are working with a great fundraising company until you ask a few simple, yet straightforward questions.  Ask what the average seller raises in retail sales, ask what participation rate you are likely to experience (based on past performance from that company) and ask what your profit percentage will be on those sales.  Based on that, you can relatively accurately determine how much you will earn through each of your potential fundraising companies.  Use that as part of your decision-making process.  If making money is a priority, the data you get will be very telling.

There you have it!  3 PTA fundraising essentials!

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