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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Keeping money local - School Fundraiser cancelled...

What do you think of the keeping money local thing?

I grew up, as many of you did, in a state where we tried to keep our money in our state.  I realize now, looking back, that for the most part, it's the wrong question.  We used to think in terms of losing what is ours and desperately hanging on to something, I now believe we should have been wondering how we can create something that attracts other peoples money.

What do you think?

In the end, I think nearly all brick and mortar retail and online retailers alike today go against this very principle. Take Walmart for example.  Sure, they hire locally in stores, still wealth is accumulated away from the town the store is in.  What if someone complains about keeping money locally and shops at Walmart?  Are they in fact, breaking their own rule by sending their money out of state?

Just 6 Walmart heirs have as much wealth as 30% of Americans

So, take a look at this school fundraising article.  It appears that all mention of the fundraiser was removed after it was discovered that some benefit would go to another part of town.

PTA Head Says School District Is Undermining Fundraiser

Tell me what's up!

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