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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fundraising Problems... Mistakes New Parent Groups Make...

Feeling bad about the outcome of a fundraiser is not a good thing.  Still, a lot of new PTA and PTO  members will experience some pretty staggering losses in comparison to previous years school fundraising efforts.

There's a few key factors to discuss but I really don't want to get too heavy and complex today.  Recently, I had a conversation that got a bit technical.  I saw some glassy eyeballs for just a moment.  So today, I'm keeping it simple.

1) Your involvement matters - PTO and PTA Groups that experience a loss in fundraising revenue had one of a few issues.  The first is just not doing much.  If a school fundraiser is just sent home willy nilly, it's probably going to fall flat. 

Good fundraising companies will team up with you to plan and promote a fundraiser.  This is where you succeed!  A bit of planning in key areas wins the day.

2)  Your administration matters - The elementary schools that run the best fundraisers involve the administration.  If your school principal teams up with the parent group on an incentive or contest, or otherwise makes the fundraiser important, it will be!

3) The numbers matter - You can ask any fundraising company for historical data before you choose your main fall fundraiser.  If you use average number of sales per student, average sale dollar amount and that companies historical participation rate in your area, you'll be able to predict with some accuracy how your fundraiser will do!  No numbers means mistakes can happen.

Ok, there's just a few mistakes that PTA and PTO parent groups make.   New parent groups and new members are particularly susceptible to lower than expected fundraising revenues but it can be avoided!

Ok, until next time!


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