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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Too Many School Fundraisers...

There are too many fundraisers.  And you're hearing this from a fundraising person who runs a fundraising company.  Yes, I believe it's a fact these days.

Here is the scenario in a nutshell.  Fundraisers such as a traditional gift catalog fundraiser, cookie dough fundraiser, magazine campaign or a well-organized event work best to raise significant money in just a few weeks tops.

But, if parents just turned in some box tops or soup labels or something else, they will feel that they've done their part.  So, ensure that your campaigns don't compete with each other.  Promote your main fall fundraiser first and make sure you succeed at raising the largest amount of your yearly income. 

Then sprinkle in a well-timed request for a smaller fundraiser if you must.  Consider bundling the year-round passive fundraisers into one campaign so you don't come at parents with too many things at once. 

Remember that the relationship between parent and teacher is paramount, so work with teachers to offer only things that strengthen parent/teacher relationships and not hurt them.

Keep your eye on the goal!  If the goal is to make money, focus on what makes the most and you'll succeed.

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