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Friday, February 17, 2012

New School - The importance of your PLN (Personal Learning Network)

In education today as well as most business endeavors, it's important to have connections.

Everyone does.

We We have connections both physical and electronically.  It's natural to have a group of people you are connected to.  A group that you share stories with, critique products, take learning to a new level.

A PLN has been around for a very long time with it's history rooted in face-to-face contacts and through books, clubs and letters.  It's just been recently that a resurgence has taken place and a the term PLN has really taken root. Its gone digital as well.

Many of the people I share my insight on PLN's with are educators or school fundraising folks, but everyone has a PLN or two for various reasons.  Any interest you have that you research and become actively involved in can be considered a PLN. 

So, here is an example of a current PLN you probably have already.  You have a kid in school. You have the principal email list, the teacher updates sent via email, the school website and a few parents you talk with concerning the school. You talk with the gym teacher from time-to-time because your child has an interest in a particular sport for example.

My PLN is very different from yours or anyone else's for that matter. Your collection of resources and information you choose to keep close is up to you. You count on your PLN when you need information, advice or insight.

I hope this clears some things up and encourages you to develop a PLN for the things you are most interested in.

Ok, until next time!


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