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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Announcing your new PTA / PTO Blog! A.K.A. 10 Reasons Your PTA / PTO should Blog!

Has a nice ring to it huh?  I do think your PTA or PTO should have a blog.  Here's a few things you can use your blog for:

1) To explain your PTA or PTO goals and vision.

Use your PTA / PTO blog site to verbalize your groups goals and mission. This can be as simple as creating one introductory post about what it is your PTA / PTO is accomplishing.  Try to be specific in outlining 3 main goals and what your specific plans are to achieve them.

2) To encourage volunteerism.

Follow up on your goals post with a how to post on volunteering at your school.  Include why it's important and who the offer is available to and what the demands are.  Spend some time on this post, keep a copy of the link handy and refer back to your post whenever you need volunteers.

3) To track and update folks on your progress of complex tasks/missions/goals.

Now that you've set the stage, head on back and let everyone know where you are at with the 3 goals you posted above.  From there, if you have a number of areas of concentration your PTA / PTO is working on, create a post on each of those concentrations.  Provide updates along the way!

4) To promote specific activities/events.

This is perhaps the most obvious but provides a unique opportunity to get the word out in an additional way.  There's a paper flyer, school newletter, email blast and now - your blog!

5) To share in-depth and detailed info (things that won't fit on a flyer).

It's often tempting to put every detail into flyers, emails or newsletters but the fact is, less is more.  If you put all the specifics into your flyers, you lose interest and readership.  Post all the specifics to your PTA / PTO blog and then let everyone know where they can find every detail.  Keep in mind that you still need all the basics on your printed materials such as what, when, where and how much.  Leave the other details for folks to find when they want to.

6) To share proof (text, photos and videos) of accomplishments.

Never before has it been easier to share successes and accomplishments!  Just upload images, photos or videos and your community can see it, share it and revel in it.  Host a remarkable event?  Where's the proof?  Post those pics on your blog!

7) To feature notable contributions by companies, staff or parents.

Use your blog to celebrate when a volunteer hits an anniversary of service, when a donation is received, when a local company volunteers a service, when a grant is received, when a PTA / PTO gets an accolade.  These and many more are all available to you to blog about!

8) To post your calendar of important dates and contact info.

PTA / PTO calendars, important events and contact information is best stored in the digital realm.  Although most parents probably hang on to important documents, the volume of school related documents can quickly become too much to handle.  Clearly posting your calendar online for all to see is perhaps the best way to ensure parents can find your information when they need it.
9) To extend thank you's for participation in events.

Thanking people is so important.  What better way to thank someone than with a blog post.  Put up a photo perhaps with a few nice words and let someone where to take a look.  Grab a nice 'Thank You' image from somewhere and show your gratitude.  They'll be as grateful for you posting as you were for their efforts in the first place. 

10)  To get feedback from the community.

There are a few ways to get feedback from the community.  The most obvious is to allow comments on your blog posts.  Although it's possible you could get spam comments, you'll want to keep an open mind and allow them.  You could integrate a survey into a blog post or even ask some community members to guest post.  Regardless, the goal of any blog is to encourage communication and relationships so keep that community spirit alive by encouraging participation!

So, there you have it 10 reasons your PTA / PTO should blog!  Please share this post if you think it's good stuff.

Ok, until next time!



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