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Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting Motivated for Your School Fundraiser!

Are you the only one who is motivated when it is time to start a school fundraiser?

There are a few things you can do before you start your school fundraiser to impact it's success.

First, consider your group when you choose but be careful who you decide with.  Often times decisions by committee can be difficult and the questions that need to be asked are pushed aside.  Decide based on what will work for you and give you the best chance at success.  You may want to consider success as earning a high dollar average per participating student while leaving parents happy.

Choose the right time to fundraise.  Be careful not to launch a fundraiser during busy times where groups are testing or traveling or there are major sporting events, holidays, etc. at the school that may hinder it's success.  Generally speaking, the earlier on in the school year, the better.

Have some help. Consider getting a few folks in on the fundraiser with you.  Although today's fundraisers are easy to oversee, some help will allow you to market more effectively.

Kick it off!  Have a fundraising kick-off to get everyone excited and let them know about the turn-in dates and any applicable information.  The easier it is for everyone to understand what they are selling and to whom, the better!

Make it important!  Make sure everyone knows why your group is raising money and what the selling expectations are.

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