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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 and School Fundraising...

2012 will bring new challenges to the school fundraising world. 

I know the economy has taken a toll on school fundraising revenue for many schools in 2011.  Many schools used low-profit fundraisers or didn't promote their fundraisers and fell short.

This means that schools will need to rebound in 2012. 

In order to rebound a few things will have to happen:

1) Schools must make fundraising important and guard it so that it works.  This means not 'muddying the waters' with low-income fundraising requests to parents.

2) Fundraising companies will have to provide high-profit fundraisers that people want to participate in. 

3) Schools and fundraising companies will have to work together to increase revenues by effectively promoting school fundraisers.

My pledge in 2012 is to provide the information necessary to help schools and fundraising companies team up to take their fundraising revenue over the top.  Success is in the wings, but needs to be helped along a bit. 

I hope I can be of help in 2012!

Ok, until next time!


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