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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Question? How Does Public Opinion Hurt School Fundraising Participation? Read This...

I think this is funny.

Take a look at this blog post when you get a chance.  It's pretty funny.  You'll notice something else if you read the comments too.  Lots of varying opinions and very few of them positive.  That's not funny.

The clincher for me is diana who encourages us to support Girl Scouts instead of a school.

The bottom line is that participation in fundraisers blows.  School fundraising companies have to go to extremes to encourage charitable contributions.  Schools desperately need money.  There's some serious issues there that need to be explored here but I'm done for today.  Here's the blog post I ran across:

An Angry Goose in My Kitchen and Other Reasons I Hate School Fundraisers

Ok, until next time!


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