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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Thought on: For Principals, Good Reason to 'Creatively Non-Comply'

Take a look at the post below. 

Here a Principal outlines what I believe is critical inside schools today - filtering out the noise so that teachers can inspire students while hitting academic goals - even in an environment of shrinking school budgets.

This relates to our elementary school fundraisers in a huge way because our belief is that school fundraising should be more focused and well-promoted so there can be significantly less fundraising going on. 

There are not that many high-profit school fundraisers out there so many schools are finding that they need to add fundraisers to make up for lost revenue or shrinking budgets.  I believe too much 'noise' erodes the relationship between teachers and parents and too many school fundraisers is one of the quickest way to losing support and school spirit.

For Principals, Good Reason to 'Creatively Non-Comply'

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