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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Elementary School Fundraisers - Fall Catalog Sale

Hey, conflict of interest time!  I of course spend my time helping schools raise money using a Fall fundraising catalog.  I've been poking around the interwebs a bit today and want to present a few things to you very quickly.

A Fall catalog fundraiser has a few benefits that you should know about.  First off, there is no product to purchase, no upfront cost and no risk.  So, yeah. 

Fall catalog fundraisers are easier to run than any other fundraiser.  Everything needed is included at no charge - catalogs, order forms, shopping websites, order forms, marketing materials, product delivery, student prize programs, incentives and much more.  There is no wondering if you will have everything you need.

Profit, profit, profit!  A Fall catalog sale will produce results.  A fundraising company will spend time perfecting a fundraiser so that sales are generated and profit is substantial.  It's hard to explain just how a fall catalog fundraiser differs from other fundraisers.  Perhaps this simile will work? If a lollipop fundraiser is a Hyundai and a community garage sale fundraiser is a Honda, a Fall catalog fundraiser is a Ferrari.  

Ok, until next time :)

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