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Monday, June 20, 2011

Technology in Education...

I often get to thinking about schools and technology.  Since I'm such a fan and user of multiple devices and numerous tools, my kids are too.  I see the things they can do with technology at a very young age. 

I also see from the education side that there are robust tools available even today that can effectively connect with children of all ages and get them involved in their education.  Tools that allow for collaborative learning and true learning experiences. 

My thought for today is that when we have conversations about technology, we'll be challenged and will have to go outside our comfort zone to understand what impact truly embracing technology will bring.

Let's go there.  Let's embrace the thought of keeping up.  Schools should have the current technology and we can help them get there.  We just need to start the conversations and push through the challenges.

Ok, until next time.

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