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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elementary School Fall Fundraisers

When it comes to elementary school fundraisers in the fall, schools will make a lot of poor decisions.  Schools will decide to run school fundraisers that require a vast amount of work, schools will work with companies that have problems fulfilling orders, they will have fundraiser quality issues and the list goes on and on.

One thing that hurts an elementary school fundraiser is starting the sale late in the year.  When most people are ending fundraisers, many schools are just getting ready to start.  When you compare these late schools, they are consistently making less.

So, elementary schools can hurt their sales even further by not working together.  If principals, administrators, teachers, parents and students work together, success happens!

When thinking about your elementary school fall fundraiser this year, think about choosing a fundraiser that offers products and services you will be proud of at prices that offer true value to the customer.  Offer a fundraiser that is easy to accomplish successfully, start early and work together to exceed your goals!

Ok, there you have it! As usual, comments are welcomed and encouraged!


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Money 2 Schools said...

Excellent point on raising funds for school as a team of teachers and students. I think this must be an efficient solution for elementary schools.