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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

School Fundraising Contracts - Long-term Contracts Just Don't Make Sense

Hey, when you're considering signing on the dotted line, you may want to think twice about committing to more than one fundraiser at a time.

Here's my take:

1) Let the fundraising company do the work they need to to ensure your success.

2) You commit to providing the type of teamwork, planning and execution necessary to succeed.

If you have a quality partnership that creates sales, the fundraising company will want to work with you. If the fundraising company performs for you by offering profit, value and quality you will want to work with them...

I can't think of many other businesses that use long-term contracts still, but I know I personally expect an option to get out if I am not being taken care of in my business transactions.

Long-term contracts just don't make sense.  Let the results speak for themselves.


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