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Friday, May 20, 2011

Innovative Schools, EdReform and EdTech


I want to share a very quick sentiment. Not a scientific one, nor a particularly studious one either.

I think schools are at a crossroads.

Presented with no way to continue as is, I believe schools have to choose innovation and technology, collaborative learning and new methods or choose to do nothing and risk becoming irrelevant.

So, without sounding preachy or over-dramatic I would encourage anyone who reads this to take a look at a few of the resources available to you that embrace change and improvement:

Twitter - search for hash tags:


Things will change, it's inevitable.  Professionally, Believe Kids is very interested in how we can help fund this technical revolution.  Personally, I just learn more everyday and where most people see shrinking budgets and negativity, I see possibility. 

I think you will see possibility as well if you just take a look at what your peers are doing.

Ok, until next time.


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