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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Twitter has Changed...

The world wide web certainly has seen it's fair share of web successes and web failures in just a few short years - the rise and fall of AOL, Pets.com and successes such as Amazon, eBay, Myspace, Facebook and the meteoric rise of Groupon.com just to name a few.

The one thing in common for any web success is that it does have a peak.

The peak of eBay was roughly 2002 in my opinion.  During this period, people were just beginning to trust the web and if you were a seller on the site, certainly would believe this time period was the golden age.  Anything could be sold and for top dollar as collectors finally had a way to purchase long desired items that were not easily obtainable in local stores.

The peak of Myspace was right around the time where Tom sold it - smart guy :)

So, I use twitter and I think it is the very best collaborative tool for building my PLN - my personal learning network. I also blog regularly.  Unfortunately, blogging about elementary school fundraising is about as popular as blogging about the rubber band industry.  Regardless, you're reading this.  But really, I'm convinced that someone out there made an improvement because of one of my posts and that gives me as much motivation as I need to keep with it.

Twitter has a diverse and extensive number of educators, school administrators, principals, librarians and a slew of companies that support education.  For that reason, I have a PLN that includes a number of categories of education related folks and I am better off for it.

I have noticed that when twitter changes and particularly with the new look and feel, the site has changed.  It's harder in some ways for me to see how I am influencing others and I am quite sure others find it harder to find out if they are making a difference by being on twitter as well.  Sure, I know how to use the site inside and out so it's not my knowledge... It's just the way it functions differently now than it did.

My point is that Twitter will have a peak at some point.  Because I like twitter to such an extent that I have come to rely on it, I want that peak to happen many, many years from now.  I just wonder sometimes because if a site changes too much, they can cause that peak to happen to themselves before it's time.

Regardless, there are so many educators and amazing people on twitter that a little blip or two won't change the power of my PLN as it relates to my enjoyment and personal development online.  This post is getting a bit out of hand so I will call it a day at this simple request:

Twitter... don't change so much anytime soon.  Keep your site easy to use and friendly and more and more folks will develop their own PLN - one that is relevant to them. Make it simple for me to know if my ideas are spreading and I'll be forever thankful. 


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