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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Product to Increase Fundraising

I was checking in with my PLN today and ran across an article for tips for choosing a product fundraiser.  I will link to that article at the end of this post but I'm not sure I quite agree with it but I'll explain here a bit.  You'll see what I mean.  

I know that there are two main product fundraisers that earn more than anything else.  These are a quality gift & wrap fundraising catalog and frozen cookie dough fundraisers.  

Both of these offer variety and value and have a long-standing history of success.  

Having said that, here is my list of 7 tips to choosing the right product to increase fundraising:

1) Avoid single product fundraisers - a diverse product line will outsell a single item.

2) Offer value - few people buy what they consider is a 'rip off' even if it's to benefit a school or group.

3) Offer a tried and true fundraiser - there is no need to guess if your fundraiser will work.  It just should.

4) Reward hard work - have a system in place to reward sellers.  I know schools and groups have a need for funding but need alone does not do it.  Extra motivation really does help.

5) Involve people - when a group of people get behind a common goal and work together, success happens.  It often is accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment a.k.a. school spirit.

6) Less is more - Fundraise less but more effectively.  Pick a time of year where other competing fundraisers and other events are not going to negatively impact sales.

7) Have fun - I think I will always include this in all my lists.  Working hard should be tempered with fun.  Balance things out, raise a lot and have a blast doing it!

So, there you have it.  My 7 tips to choosing the right product to increase fundraising.  Now, you can take a look at this one and let me know what you think.  I think I did pretty good and await your feedback here (in the form of comments) or on twitter - twitter.com/believekids

Until Next Time!

So, here is the document that inspired my reply post:

7 Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Product to Increase Fundraising



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