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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Reminders - Successful School Fundraising Techniques

Regardless of the school fundraiser you and your group decides on, one thing is certain: There are some overall conditions that create fundraising success that goes beyond the product or event.

Here are a few factors that will help anyone run a more successful elementary school fundraiser despite the product or service being offered:

1) Decide to market - Go ahead and commit to your school fundraiser full-force.  If the fundraiser is not worth your time and effort, don't fundraise.  Wait until you run across something worth putting your full attention into then take it over the top!  It's always better to fundraise once well as opposed to several times innefectively.

2) Plan ahead -  Using a simple calendar is probably enough to ensure a flawless fundraiser. Just remember to put important deadlines on there including dates that insure proper planning, distribution dates, reminder dates... really anything you have to do, put the required action in a calendar.

2) Get in front of people in different ways - Use every opportunity you have to get the word out on your school fundraiser.  Use blogs and social media, email, newsletters, school signage, display cases, reminder notices, banners and posters, telephone systems, video, yard signs, costumes -- Anything you can to build excitement and stay in front of parents and the community that will support you!

3) Scheduling matters!  Choosing a time to host the fundraiser is more important than it would seem. If there are competing activities or events, you'll have trouble gaining support.  Avoid major holidays, competitive tournaments, sporting events, finals, etc. wherever possible.  The more people available to get behind your fundraising effort the better.

4) Reminders - In your promotion planning, remember to remind folks before during and towards the end of your sales cycle.  If you mention the fundraiser once, you will have folks forget to turn in their orders.  Do what you can to remind people that they have only a few days left to sell.  This helps parents that would be forgetful participate.

5) Have fun with it!  Reward your sellers or participants with fun and the fundraiser will succeed!  The thing about fun is that it makes people happy.  Being happy while supporting a school fundraiser means that the fundraiser is repeatable.  Repeatable fundraisers are the best and final goal!  If you can have a successful fundraiser, you can repeat it over again with similar results. 

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