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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fundraising Ideas - Understanding Fall Catalog Fundraisers

It's not always easy to understand the different fundraising options out there for you and your group and what is best for your school.

In the next few days, I'll explore the most successful fundraising efforts and give some pros and cons.  With this information, you will have a better grasp of what will be best for you and your school.

Presumably, you've already realized that the Fall fundraising season holds the most hope for your school fundraising.  The time of year in combination with less competition from other activities and events means that school fundraisers held in the Fall have a great chance of success.  The earlier in the school year, the better your chances are at having a successful fundraiser. 

So what to offer?

There are many Fall fundraising options but among the fundraisers that make the most, one stands out in my book.  Yes, my company offers this but read on and you'll see my rationale -- this isn't self-serving.

The top four in my opinion and in no particular order are... school-wide auctions, magazine sales, frozen cookie dough fundraisers and fall gift and wrap catalogs.  Out of these fundraisers, one offers items in multiple categories - The Fall Gift & Wrap Catalog.

Most elementary schools fundraise with a gift and wrap catalog because it is proven to raise top-dollar while remaining the easiest for the group to host.  The benefit to the group is offering true value and selection while peaking the interest of the community. This program is often misunderstood.  The items offered are in demand and because there are so many categories of items represented the fundraisers perform better than most other fundraising efforts.  All this, without the need for volunteers or hours of setup or upfront costs of any sort.

Fall catalog fundraisers make a very good logical Fall fundraising choice because of the proven track record of the fundraiser and the low barrier to entry for a school.  Just choose a quality fundraising company and fundraiser and follow just a few simple steps to succeed at running the fundraiser. 

A note on finding a good fundraising company.  You should be able to ask for statistical histories from each company that calls on you.  If you get the average participation rate of similar fundraisers in your area as well as the dollar average sold per participating student, you should be able to estimate what fundraiser is likely the most profitable!

Tomorrow, I'll cover the other top fundraisers and their pros and cons.  Until then, the best thing you could possibly do is to pass on information you learn to others.  If you feel this is such a resources, please tell someone about it:



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