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Monday, April 25, 2011

Digital Footprints - Your New First Impression

 Hey, I just ran across this post on the educators PLN:

Digital Footprints- Your New First Impression: http://bit.ly/fbfrHr

It brings to light the importance of your digital footprint and how to best conduct yourself online.  Fortunately for many people, they have no problem being genuine and positive online because that's their personality, but, many people struggle with their digital footprint and how it may appear to others.

Having said that, I know that many youngsters have formative years of rebellion and they really don't care what others think - at least not on the surface anyway.  But a digital footprint shows others where you are at regardless of how you feel, which means it can work against you if you are looking for a job in particular which is outlined in the video.

I spent some time recently looking at resumes to hire for a position and can attest to the credibility in the video.  I did find myself gaining insight from an employers point of view that wasn't in the resumes.  So, this is a serious deal but hey, be who you are.  Just know that you can't cover it up as evidenced in this next example.

Next, a practical lesson for adults.  I got this link from a friend on twitter.  To sum up, many educators today are embracing technology and more are getting on the bandwagon every day. That means that folks are getting out there and posting online, building a PLN, having fun, learning and staying connected.  But doing so putting their best foot forward. 

Unfortunately, the technology can be criticized for enabling bad behavior.
This post reminds us that our personalities and actions do present themselves through our online persona and bad behavior will make it's way online when it can.

Facebook Doesn’t Get Teachers Fired - Inappropriate Behavior Does: http://bit.ly/hxrKLI

Recently, there has been criticism of teachers blogging crazy mean things about their students and now this... Posting inappropriate comments on Facebook.

And with that, we are presented with a choice.

To put our best behavior online and not limit our choice and availability or clamp down and limit access and exposure.  I prefer we be online with access to all armed with the education and awareness not to force a school to set a president of rules, restrictions and blocked sites.  We can recognize that the digital tools are not the problem and can do far more good than bad. 

Schools and students should be connected in meaningful ways that encourage education and development, but I believe this should be public so that inappropriate behavior is challenged and flat out rejected.

Like it or not, we're all in the age of the digital footprint together and we can make of it what we wish.

I choose to use my connections online to personally and professionally develop as a father and fundraising professional and my hope for others is the same - to surround themselves with the digital information that helps while creating content that shares positivity and knowledge to others.

What will you choose?


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