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Monday, May 16, 2011

How Does Your Elementary School Ask for Support? 10 Triggers to Get Parents to Act.

When your school has an event, fundraiser, activity, homework or a form that needs to be filled in, how do you ask for action?

I think we could all use a bit of insight as far as what makes people act and it's not always obvious.  What's clear is that in today's day and age, if we want a response we have to go after it.

First off, there are triggers.  Triggers that peak our interest - triggers that make us act.  In order to better understand what makes us tick, we've got to understand what triggers us to take action.

I am not suggesting that schools need to be ruthless marketers, and some of these triggers can backfire or produce negative perceptions in the mind of a parent, but I offer you these none-the-less.  Now, you can understand what will get a parents attention.

So, instead of asking for something from parents and assuming they will want to get involved, use a technique instead.  Appeal to one of the triggers below.  For instance, put the words, 'takes only 2 minutes to complete' on the next form you send home and watch them come back the next day instead of taking a week or more.

Anyway, here ya go!

10 Common--and Effective--Emotional Triggers


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