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Monday, March 7, 2011

Elementary School Fundraiser with 100% Profit

I've seen several references lately to schools doing fundraising themselves and keeping 100% of the profit.

That sounds reasonable, but, there is a funny curiosity about it. It doesn't actually make sense.  With every school fundraiser, through a fundraising company or hosted on ones own, a school always keeps 100% of the profit that they receive. After all, it's profit.

Hey, just sayin'.

Semantics aside, how about this one.  If a school hosts it's own fundraiser, they keep 100% of the money?

If there are expenses incurred, the school is not receiving 100% of the money.  That implies no expenses.  The minute a cash prize, a Nintendo dsi, pizza party, t-shirt,  trophy, limo ride or water bottle is offered, that costs money.  Even expenses like printing, sign-making, paper plates or whatever cost real money. 

That means a school is not getting 100% of the money.

In fact, I looked at a school blog where they raised something like $600 on a product they were reselling on their own then offered a limo ride as the prize. Chances are they kept close to 0% of the money.  I guess they do keep 100% of the money, but it doesn't make sense if the expenses aren't taken into consideration.

Ah well.  Thought I'd start the week off with a bit of a humorous look at how schools view profits and money. 

We just have to remember that when we talk fundraising profit, it's the percentage of the retail per transaction that goes to the school after expenses that matters.

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