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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Asking for Money - Thoughts on Elementary School Fundraising

Elementary school fundraising is tricky.  As the person in charge, certainly you would prefer money just come in without having to ask for it.  Unfortunately, we know how many checks are delivered to the school on a daily basis just because people want to make a donation.

How many checks did your school receive today - Zero?

So, in an effort to better understand elementary school fundraising, let's consider this...

Asking for money is required and the better we are at it, the more money that will come in.  Let's just turn the tables on this awful topic of asking for money and make it more about how well we can extend the needs of our school to the public. 

Think of it as running a campaign where we have to get our message out to the voters or better yet, think of it as a public service announcement that if successful could get kids off drugs, lower incidents of drunk driving or stop cyber-bullying. 

We have a need that is just as important as anything out there! 

In fact, our children's education is a long-term savings in so many ways as we produce curious, respectable, positive and accomplished adults.  In my opinion, the need for an incredible education trumps programs that are designed to respond to our problems in many cases. 

If a society of well-balanced, confident and educated adults is our goal, we should be proud to ask for help getting there!

Don't be afraid to ask!  Education is too important!


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