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Monday, January 24, 2011

Elementary School Parent Groups Re-Inventing for Spring

Spring is not in the air here in Colorado.  In fact, it's pretty cold and wintery (if that's a word). I find it hard to believe that we're kicking off another fundraising season.  And even if Spring is not in the air, Spring fundraising season is about to begin!

The thing about spring is that although we get a new calendar year, we have the same teachers and students and administration and they all most likely lent a hand in some sort of fundraising in the Fall.

Schools entering the Spring semester will not be starting completely over though.

The impression left on parents and the community from the Fall will be brought forward and linger in the Spring.  If the school ran too many fundraisers, that may be felt in Spring with less participation in upcoming events and fundraisers.  On the flip side, a school that held one or two key fundraisers or held quality events will find parents more responsive and likely to attend and engage in spring activities.

The big challenge for any school is to be aware of how they are being perceived and respond accordingly.  It's probably not as easy as it sounds.  I've been the type of person who notices a lot of things and it's been that way for me forever.  I also know a lot of people who have to work much harder at perception.  Regardless of a knack for it, I believe anyone can begin to think in terms of what another person would feel in a certain circumstance.

So, even though you can't change the past, you can change the future to an extent.  Schools are given a chance right now to make changes and re-invent.  Use your amazing powers of deduction and just like Sherlock Holmes, gain tremendous insight from just a few clues.  Take the information you gather about your school, your community and your parent group and change accordingly.

Right now is your last chance to re-group and come up with your streamlined plan of how to most effectively raise the money you need and host the educational, fun and inspirational events you've been looking forward to.

I realize this is a bit deep and my deductive reasoning tells me I am in fear of losing most everyone to my crazy logic so let me wrap it up this way...

If you had a great Fall and your parents are happy, carry on.  If you felt like the school or parent group could have done better as far as communication, fundraising, event planning or anything else, take this opportunity to work hard to make this Spring seem different.  Make the parent group appear fresh and new to the world however possible.

Do it right away because now is the time to change the way people perceive the school and it's motives.  That way, you minimize any carryover from the Fall that may not be helpful.

So, here's to a fresh start in Spring for those who need it!

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