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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Elementary School Fundraising Inspiration - Increasing Excitement and Importance

"Do not wait for your
ship to come in - swim
out to meet it."

-Author Unknown

Today, an inspirational post for you.  

I enjoy days where I am fired up to get something done.  Those days generally, are also the days that creating a short list of just a few priorities helps focus me and keep me on task.  I'm having one of those days and hope you are too.  I'm going to be fast and furious and taking things head-on.

So, we talk a lot about elementary school fundraising here on this blog and also of course on my company's school fundraising website and corporate fundraising ideas pln blog and even the corporate wordpress Believe school fundraising blog. 

The consistent thread that runs through everything that we do is that we can create more fundraising success by increasing participation in our school fundraisers.  

So, we discuss many areas of fundraising in order to excite students, inform parents and involve the community in the school fundraisers.  A lot of what will improve fundraising for every school and every fundraising company is educating the community on the importance of participating in school fundraisers in combination with creating excitement surrounding the fundraiser.

Here's my hope for today.

If you are a PTA or PTO member, school administrator or elementary school principal, my hope is that you will not wait for your fundraising ship to come in, but rather swim out to meet it.  

To me, this means that you will be open to investing time and energy into fundraising less but more effectively.  To absorb any information that will help you increase the excitement surrounding your fundraisers and make them more important in the eyes of the community.
This is my hope for today.


Jay Moneta is the Vice President of Believe Kids Fundraising and blogs daily here at believejay.blogspot.com

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