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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back in the School Fundraising Saddle - Blog Followers and Comments...

I recently found out that there are some folks following my posts here on this very blog with interest - www.believejay.blogspot.com

Ironically, most people viewing the pages here are not actually following the blog using the tools on the right hand side but that's alright.  I wasn't really quite sure I was doing much good out there.  Well, no matter how people remember the URL or access the site is alright by me.  As long as I'm in some folks PLN, that's all that matters!

So, I originally started posting just for me.  The act of writing is a way to really air some stuff out and let the brain reset a bit.  I am able to let go of whatever fixation I've got at any particular time by writing it and posting it - I don't get hung up.  Once posted I find that I can move on with my day.  Yep, I find it very helpful in allowing me to stay focused and positive.

Now, I also write for the people that have gotten something out of my posts, philosophy or advice - no matter how trivial. I feel a sense of obligation now to put stuff out there and see what happens instead of writing with no expectations whatsoever.  I am starting to see that although our little fundraising industry is actually quite small, that I can make a difference that extends past just the people I see in person on any given day.

Overall, it's an honor to know that people read this blog behind the scenes, and although not commenting, are willing to share their positive feedback with me in person about how I am sharing online and it means a lot.

For those of you that have provided positive feedback to me or one of my co-workers about this blog, I thank you!

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