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Monday, November 29, 2010

School Fundraiser Controversy...

There's always groups fundraising on the edge.  Teams, schools and individuals pushing the boundaries of what is a good fundraiser.  Fundraisers that cause controversy or are not safe are an interesting bunch. 

Here's the story & video - Coyote Hunt School Fundraiser

So, despite the fact that most folks reading this blog post about a hunting fundraiser would naturally assume the problem would be about the hunting.  It's not really the issue in my opinion. 

Then there's the killing for money angle.  Again, not really the big issue in my opinion but certainly controversial.  Clearly, the last thing we should be teaching kids is that it's o.k. to kill for money.  

I think it's sad that schools have to go to this extent to raise money, and not much of it.

This fundraiser has been reported to bring in $1,000 for the school.  This fundraiser is is edgy, it's obviously polarizing to some extent.  For anyone that opposes hunting, it's devastating.  For the ranchers in town, I'm sure it's pretty fun. 

But for $1,000 per year, the news crews are pounding down the doors of the schools for comments and interviews.

Clearly something has to be done about school budgets and ineffective fundraising and perhaps we can help people think of schools in a different light. 

Instead of thinking they are supported by the government, can we think of them as a non-profit that is subsidized by the government?  Obviously, schools are not getting the support they need and are going to the edges to get the financial support they desperately need.

We can change this.

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