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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sally Foster Gift Card School Fundraiser - Recent Feedback

Many Sally Foster school fundraisers are underway and many are already over.

I've been following with great interest the new gift card fundraiser that Sally Foster rolled out this fall.  In a previous post I explored the challenges of school fundraising with a new product such as a fundraising gift card but... Can I hear from you on your experience about the Sally Foster Gift Card program? Here is the question...

What did you think of the new Sally Foster Gift Card Fundraiser?

Please take just a moment to write your thoughts here as a comment!

The author of this blog site, Jay Moneta. is the Vice President of Believe Kids - a company not affiliated with Sally Foster that has no interest in their fundraising programs.  Believe offers school-wide elementary fundraisers with a gift wrap catalog and frozen cookie dough fundraisers

Our approach is vastly different than Sally Foster but we are in the same industry so your feedback greatly interests me.  Thank you for your comments!

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