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Monday, October 4, 2010

Lawn Aeration Fundraiser

It's funny but I just had this boy scout fundraiser come to my house this weekend.  They did Lawn Aeration.  The Boy Scouts did a good job with it and I was happy to help them out.  Here's how to do it:

Lawn Aeration Fundraiser

Difficulty: Medium
Prep time:  6 weeks in spring or fall
Duration: 2 weekends
Best suited for: small groups
Startup cost: Medium-High
Profit potential: High

What you need:

Marketing Flyer
Time Sheet or other tracking method
Credit card processing (optional)
1-2 experienced adults per team
Gas can
Commercial aerating machine (could be rented)
Truck & Trailer
Marker flags (to mark any hazard or sprinkler head that could be damaged)
Hard workers (these machines are hard to use)


1. Advertise in school and around the community beginning in September and schedule appointments for the first two weekends of October (best time may differ per state).  Charge a fair market rate depending on how many zones a customer has.  In our area presently the fair price is $30-$40 per small residential yard but yours may vary.  Avoid commercial work and focus on neighborhoods unless you have abilities beyond the scope of this recipe.

2. Schedule and confirm with every customer leaving enough time to stay on schedule even if you have some delays. 

3. Show up on time and complete the work effectively.  Allow children to only do elements of the job that are safe and age appropriate.  Do not let a child operate heavy machinery unless you can guarantee safety.


1. This fundraiser requires professional experience outside of the scope of this book.  There are risks involved with this fundraiser including doing damage to sprinkler systems so expertise is required.

2. There are safety concerns with heavy machinery including emissions, loud noise, moving parts, fire danger.  Please make sure no children are in danger at any time.

PROS: Big money potential for a small group given great need in most parts of the country.
CONS: Seasonal, time intensive and requires equipment and experience.

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