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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teamwork and School Fundraising - Creating Successful Fundraisers

I'm passionate about promotion and really, it's only because it galvanizes a group of people.  A group has a common awareness and common purpose as a result.  It creates a team with a clear goal.

Today I visited a school that was going to succeed at their fundraiser.  I know they will and there's no guesswork involved when I say that. 

The evidence was in the hallways with the posters and banners and display case.  The teachers were spunky and supportive, the students want to help their school.  The principal is throwing a contest to make sure students stay excited.  But this school has a lot of challenges and has no business succeeding at their efforts - but they will.

I know they will succeed without question and I am happy for them.  But why would I be so optimistic?  I am fully aware that people will say that this title 1 school can't do it.  That they won't get community support.  I know that there's another group out there that thinks product fundraisers just create door-to-door monsters selling 'junk' people don't need. 

But this school is not interested in what they have to say.  

After all, the school knows something that their critics don't.  It's that by working together to make something important, in fact, makes it important. Match that with a few other key elements like quality products and - success!

I am proud to say that I had a chance to see that teamwork first-hand today and I'm touched by it.

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