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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning via Technology

Smartboard in the classroom
Here at Believe, we host elementary school fundraisers all across the country.  Not very average ones either.  We attribute much of our success to effectively using technology. 

Many of the fundraisers we host fund things like smartboards in the classroom and computer carts.  Of course, we save a lot of music and art programs that are being cut but it seems that schools are beginning to focus more on technology that encourages learning.

Of course, on a personal note, my children are both growing up with a propensity towards technology.  I catch my 3 year old surfing YouTube on my iPhone quite frequently.  All joking aside, I believe learning is changing.

I believe schools will be relying on technology to create collaborative learning environments as well as develop ways to personalize learning to more effectively reach more students.   I think an educational revolution is afoot and we are just seeing the beginning of learning that extends beyond memorization.

I just read this article and think you will want to also:
Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology

If there is anyone left that thinks education should stick to the basic notebook, pencil and book after reading this, I'll buy you a Kindle ;)  In the meantime, we'll continue to fund and support technology and encourage new methods of learning wherever possible.

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