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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Encouraging Teachers to Participate in School Fundraisers

Photo - Joe Green 
Teachers are usually not big fans of school fundraisers.  There's a number of reasons for that but I just ran across something that may just be the catalyst for changing the benefit teachers get out of their fundraisers - at least in one school.

In this article, Northside Elementary in Mississippi will be dividing fundraising revenue from an upcoming carnival to any teachers that volunteer to support the event. 

I think they're on to something. 

Believe me, I understand both sides of the argument.  Teachers don't want distraction from teaching time and I get it.  I also know first-hand that a little support from teachers goes a long way. 

In fact, teachers that support fundraising activities create higher incomes for their classrooms where teachers that have negative attitudes towards fundraising actually hinder profits to the very school that supplies them materials to run successful classrooms. 

So, this is a good way to have teachers get involved and I think it's a pretty cool idea.  It's a good time overall to create bonds between educators, administrators and parents and this accomplishes just that.  It's a win-win.

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