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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Elementary School Fundraiser - Offering Value

When it comes to school fundraising you can offer value or not offer value. 

Here's a story for you.  I just went to a restaurant that was basically a theme park.  It had wagon rides, a petting zoo, a duck pond, playground, live band and a number of other attractions.  It was a lot like a roadside attraction you may find just off a highway exit but it's basically in Denver.  So, one would expect that the snack bar would have a $5.00 coffee and the gift shop would have items so overpriced it would be shocking.

As it turns out, it wasn't true.  Coffee was cheap and the gifts were priced right.  So, you got all this entertainment for what turns out to be reasonable prices. 

It's not what one would expect. It was true value on top of a bunch of entertainment!

So I spent a bunch of money and I wasn't the only one doing so.  Bought dinner, had a bunch of vintage candy, fudge covered apples, bought a bell thingy for my kids teacher, had espresso and fed the animals at the petting zoo with their quarter machine.

It was a fun experience.  This is what your elementary school fundraisers should offer.  A bunch of activities and items that are quality and priced right so people want to be a part of helping the school.

If you think what you are offering is a disappointment or is going to be when all is said and done, don't do it.  Be proud of what you offer and price it so it sells.  If you're greedy these days, you'll earn less.  I promise - I hear fundraising horror stories all the time from people who don't quite understand why offering value is so important.

It's a supply and demand issue.  If you have something in limited supply that is popular, you can charge more.  On the flip side, when you have an item that is not in demand, you have to charge less.  A jazz band at the high school should not be charging $20 per ticket UNLESS they already have a track record of selling out at $15.  I know, sounds confusing but there is a price for everything that we buy that makes it cheap, perfect or too expensive.  Find that perfect price and you will sell to happy customers.

I know so because I'll go back to the restaurant and I am even sharing my appreciation for being the recipient of perfect prices.  I believe your school fundraising event guests and your catalog buyers will thank you for offering diverse, quality and priced right services and items!


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