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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What does your school PTA look like?

If you were to pick a random parent and ask them what the PTA looks like, what would they say?   What traits would they point out?

Would they say your PTA was...

Well put-together or in dis-array?
Tidy or messy?
Clean or dirty?
Cohesive or scattered?
Easy or difficult?
Simple or complex?
Busy or bored?
visible or invisible?
Focused or blurry?
Effective or ineffective?
Professional or novice?

So, despite your wish to be anonymously working behind the scenes, the contrary is often true. The PTA is a public entity and words like these will be used to describe you. You will find that these descriptions can build you up or be used to tear you down.

So, can you take any steps to change any of these impressions? Can you take a brand new PTA and give it an err of professionalism? Can you simplify your schedule and be more effective?

Once you have a solid well-performing school PTA group, let the world know and change the invisible to the visible.

Hope this helps!


Jay Moneta is the Vice President of Believe Kids Fundraising which offers elementary school fundraisers and blogs here as well as at the school fundraising PLN blog as well. Thanks for looking and feel free to leave comments!

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