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Friday, August 13, 2010

School Principals and Elementary School Fundraising

School Principals are critical to the success of elementary school fundraising.  Not only do they lead and inspire but they are able to communicate what a school considers important.

In other words, when a school principal makes their elementary school fundraising effort important, it succeeds!

So, are principals engaged with the various groups fundraising within the school?  Are they involved with the who, is and when of fundraiser scheduling so there isn't multiple fundraising efforts at once?  Are principals throwing contests, motivating teachers and putting focus on the fundraisers that really make an impact?  Are they truly supporting the fundraising efforts?

We know that Principals are responsible for a lot and are very busy.  The job description may or may not imply any involvement needed on the school fundraising side but the reality is that school budgets are getting smaller along with fundraising revenue.

Today, there are problems with student participation in elementary school fundraisers of all types.  There is also a tendency to fundraise too often with a lack of proper focus on the fundraisers that truly make a difference in schools.

Here is a video that helps elementary school principals understand just how important they are:

Principals can make a huge impact!

A note to principals - Please don't delegate it and forget it. You are the reason our fundraisers succeed!  If you can focus on helping the main fundraiser at your school, everyone wins!

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